Juanjosé Rivas (México, 1976)

JUANJOSÉ RIVAS is a sound and visual artist, cultural manager, and disruptive teacher based in Mexico City. He is currently a member of the National System of Art Creators FONCA, professor at the Universidad Centro. Film, design and television and artistic director of VOLTA Sesiones de Improvisación y Experimentación Sonora in Mexico City.

In his work, he appeals to different practices such as sound art, performance, video, installations, photo, sculpture and drawing without separating from improvisation as the main resource, elaborate a discourse through translation, error and interference within the different artistic languages.

He has been artist in residence at Sound Art and Experimental Music Program BEMIS Center for Contemporary Arts (2020), MATADERO in Madrid (2015), HANGAR Center for Artistic Creation in Barcelona (2011) and SBK in Karlsruhe Germany. Since 2003, he has given workshops, classes, seminars and conferences at different universities, schools and cultural centers in Mexico and abroad.

  • Address: 5 de Febrero 38-101 Colonia Centro. Municipio Cuauhtémoc. C.P.: 06000 Ciudad de México.


2020 – National System of Art Creators FONCA Mexico. 2017-2020

2020 – Artist in residency Sound and Experimental Music Program BEMIS Center for Contemporary Arts. Omaha, Nebraska. USA

2015 – Artist in residency at MATADERO Residencias Sonoras #1 Madrid Spain.

2013 – Promotion of Cultural Projects and Co-investments FONCA/CONACULTA México City.

2012 – Volta PAC Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo. México City.

2011 – Young Creators Grant in Multimedia FONCA/CONACULTA México City.

2007 – Arts and Media, Production and Research Support CMM/CONACULTA México City.

2005 – Young Creators Grant in Multimedia FONCA/CONACULTA México City.

2005 – 2ª National biennial of University Art.  1st. Prize Toluca, Mexico.

2004 – Artistic residence exchange program Mexico-Spain, HANGAR Barcelona, Spain.

2003 – SABK. Artistic residence exchange program, Karlsruhe, Germany,


2021 – I am still Listening. MUME Viena, Austria

2020 – Z: Zapping. Site-specific sound action. BEMIS Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, Nebraska. U.S.A.

2019 – W: Whistle. Site-specific sound action. Wien Modern, Echoraum, Vienna, Austria

2019 – E: Envolver: Site-specific sound action. Center for Experimentation and Production of Contemporary Music. Mexico City.

2019 – I: Inhalar. Site-specific sound action. Perfume Museum. Mexico City.

2019 – N: Nadar. Site-specific sound action. Multimedia Center of the National Center for the Arts. Mexico City

2018 – H: Hererdar.  Site-Specific Sound Action, No Idea Festival, Austin Texas USA

2018 – Grunt. Site-specific sound action. Sound Forest Museum of Modern Art. Mexico City

2018 – X: Xerografiar. Site-specific sound action. Herder Music Library, Mexico City.

2018 – F: Figurar. Site-specific sound action. Gimnasio de Arte. Mexico City.

2016 – A: Abducir. Sound action for specific site. Sound space of Casa del Lago.

2016 – O: Oscilar. Transpiksel Festival. Museum Ex teresa Arte Actual. Mexico City.

2016 – D: Desaparecer. Memorial of the Digital Culture Center. Mexico City.

2015 – Escombro. Sound installation Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, México.

2014 – FORM FONCA.  Zona MACO Contemporary Art Fair Mexico City.

2012 – FORM Sound actions of sculptural consequence. San Carlos. Cultural Center UNAM. Mexico City.

2009 – 00:00:04,33 Digital Arts Laboratory, BORDER Cultural Center Mexico City

2006 – Generic notes of love and hate. Arcaute Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico 2006.

2003 – Faith and devotion. SAK Karlsruhe, Germany.

2003 – Click. Arcaute Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico.

2001 – Salon de belleza. Central Gallery of La Esmeralda, National Center of the Arts. Mexico City.

2001 – Antonio es Dios. Arcaute Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico 2001.


2021 – ALEPH. Art & science festival. Bitacoras de pandemia: ABISMO INTERNO. ALEPH

2020 – Group exhibition. BEMIS Benefit Art Auction. BEMIS Center for Contemporary Arts,   Omaha, Nebraska. U.S.A.

2019 – Olfactory Synesthesia. Museum of Perfume. Mexico City.

2018 – Modos de Oir. Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum. Mexico City.

2016 – 15 Collective exhibition at the Main Gallery La Esmeralda. CNA.

2015 – Brut Noir – Black Noise Space Mexico. Montreal, Canada.

2015 – Mexico: The future is Unwritten. Luciano Benetton, Italy

2015 – Iconoffreedom. Chalton Projects. Oxo Tower, London.

2014 – FACTO Sound Artifacts Festival. National Sound Archive. Mexico City.

2014 – International Day of the Dead Festival at Oxxo Tower, London.

2014 – Creation in Young Creators Movement. Library of Mexico. Mexico City.

2014 – Sonoplastia. Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, Mexico.

2013 – FACTO Festival of Sound Artifacts. CNA. Mexico City.

2012 – Oído enfático. La Quiñonera Cultural Center. Mexico City.

2009 – Plug and signify. Border Cultural Center. Mexico City.

2009 – Ars Ludens. around art and new media. CMM CNA. Mexico City.

2008 – Coleccionables. Centro Cultural Border. Mexico City.

2008 – Another Fucking Collective Art Show Galería Arcaute. Monterrey N. L.

2007 – Transitio_mx02 Nomadic Borders. CNA. Mexico City.

2005 – 2ª. National University Art Biennial. State of Mexico.

2005 – International Festival of Video/Art/Electronics. Lima, Perú.

2005 – Especular lo Próximo .Can Felipa Hall, Barcelona Spain 2005


2021 – High Zero Festival Online.

2021 – Recording session Radio Nopal México City.

2020 – Axial Age Festival Fall x Nettmett Coaxial Arts Online.

2020 – Sound Labs no. 7 Music UNAM Mexico City Online

2020 – Full Pink Moon Lunar Opera by Pauline Oliveros, Opera Povera in quarantine L.A. USA

2020 – Resonance. BEMIS Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, Nebraska. U.S.A.

2020 – Low End Concert BEMIS Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, Nebraska. U.S.A.

2019 – Anniversary Concert Complejo cultural Los Pinos.  Los Pinos Cultural Complex. FONCA Mexico City.

2019 – Night of the Dead, Wien Modern. Echoraum Austria, Vienna.

2019 – The Three Thunders. Le Cabinet Geneva, Switzerland.

2019 – The International Turntable Orchestra. Berlin, Germany

2018 – Improvisation concert, Handbag Factory Los Angeles, USA.

2019 – Wild Oscillation Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions L.A. USA

2019 – Divine darkness. Betalevel L.A. USA.

2019 – Facto, Festival de Arte Nuevo Chihuahua, Mexico.

2019 – Concert for sound sculptures. Modes of Hearing. Exteresa Museum. Mexico City.

2019 – 13 Radical Music Exhibition Mexico City Museum.

2018 – h3ar sessions Workshop 30, San Miguel de Allende

2018 – Umbral 3rd Festival Centro de Artes Vivas CDMX

2018 – Abyss 01 Bucareli 69 Cultural Center Mexico City.

2018 – Concert Greg Saunier, Juan Garcia Juanjose Rivas. Melchor Ocampo Park. Mexico City

2018 – VOLTA ASMR vol.01 Bucareli 69 Cultural Center Mexico City.

2018 – Radical Music Festival 13 Mexico City Museum.

2018 – 316 John Krausbauer, Kaori Suzuky, Juanjosé Rivas, Concepción Huerta

2018 – Listen with your eyes Museo Tamayo. Mexico City.

2017 – No Idea cdmx. The fifth floor. Mexico City.

2017 – Volta Propagaciones. Versailles 94. Mexico City.

2017 – SyN-AnæsTesiA Brooklyn, New York. U.S.A.

2017 – Antitheraphy. Queens, New York. U.S.A.

2017 – Aural Niche. Valerio Tricoli, Werner Dafeldecker and Juanjose Rivas. Mexico City.

2017 – Tres Truenos Bandini Cultural Center Mexico City.

2017 – VOLTA Bucareli 69 Cultural Center. Mexico City.

2017 – Tribute to Tony Conrad. Lighthouse of Aragon. Mexico City.

2017 – Lost Paradise. Committee on Intangible Affairs, Morelia, Mexico.

2016 – VISO 01 sound improvisation set Lyrica Mexico City.

2015 – MOD09 Electronic Music Meetings CCEMX. Mexico City.

2015 – Improvisation with electronic media Ex-Teresa. Mexico City.

2015 – Soundscapes MEX-UK Sound improvisation. Fonoteca Nacional. Mexico City.

2014 – The reverse Sessions Tarek Atoui. Kurimanzutto Gallery. Mexico City.

2014 – Rotor. Electromagnetic Spectrum Improvisation Session. Mexico City.

2014 – Germinal, Forest Festival.  CONACULTA. Mexico City.

2014 – Experimental Electronics New River Studios. London UK.

2013 – Sound is Virus Sound improvisation with electronic media Dr. Fourquet 25 Madrid. Spain.

2013 – Keep breathing. Sound improvisation MATADERO Madrid, Spain.

2012 – Plan B Sound improvisation. Plan B. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2012 – Tsonami International Sound Art Festival. Valparaíso, Chile.

2012 – Overflows Approaches to the improvised music, Tonalá Cinema. Mexico City.

2012 – 2nd Meeting of free music Nameless sound, Houston, Texas. USA

2012 – Meditatio Sonus Audiorama of the Chapultepec forest. Mexico City.

2012 – 2nd Meeting of free music ENM UNAM Mexico City.

2012 – ZERUMEN Sound improvisation. Cultural Center of the Forest UNAM.

2012 – FORM 02 Casa Vecina Cultural Center. Mexico City.

2012 – Blind Spot. Sound improvisation, Aguascalientes Cultural Institute.

2012 – FORM 01 Alameda Art Laboratory. Mexico City.

2012 – Pagan Party. Art and New Technologies Center. San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

2012 – Der Blode Dritte mittwoch Rhiz, Vienna, Austria.

2012 – Rue du Nord festival Theatre 2.21 Lausanne, Switzerland.

2012 – PLATTFON live set Basel, Switzerland.

2012 – The factory Live set Losone, Switzerland.

2012 – Froid Buffet Live set. Froid buffet. Lyon, France.

2011 – Zerumen & Stalaktos. Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Mexico City.

2011 – Nightingale Upgrade! Chicago, USA.

2011 – Chicago Art Department FMEL Chicago USA.

2011 – FMEL Latin Electronic Music Festival. Chicago, USA.

2011 – BENT FESTIVAL 2011 New York, USA.

2011 – Open Field. Border Cultural Center. Mexico City.

2011 – Noise Sessions. Experimental Museum El Eco, Mexico City.

2011 – Zerumen: Juanjosé Rivas & Rogelio sosa Electro visiones. Ex Teresa Museum. Mexico City.

2011 – YA’AX LU’UM: Culture and Social Participation Meeting. MACAY Merida, Yucatan.

2011 – Keet visual and sound art festival Campeche, Mexico City.

2011 – Aural Festival. The Aural Niche 2011. Mexico City.

2010 – High Zero festival Baltimore, Maryland USA.

2010 – Dorkbot Cd de Mexico # 21, Mexico City.

2010 – Festival für unabhängige und revolutionäre Musik. Vienna,Austria.

2010 – Fails&distortions Raum 18 Ziegarstrasse 11, Berlin. Alemania.

2004 – L’estat de les estructures. Hangar Centre de Producció d’ Arts Visuels. Barcelona, Spain.


2021 – “GROAR” Label: Bemis Center for Contemporary arts. Bandcamp

2020 – “Anthology Of Experimental Music From Mexico” Label: Unexplained sounds group. Bandcamp

2020 – Self-Isolation Sound scape. Postcard Flexidisc. Ciudad de México. Bandcamp

2018 – QUADRILATERE Vinyl Juanjose Rivas, Dragos Tara, John Menoud, Lionel Malric, Yann Lecollaire, BKGD, Benoit Moreau, Laurent Estoppey, Gergely Sütö, Andrew       Weathers, Ikue Mori, David Menestres, Thomas Barriere, Christian García, Michaël Gebril.

2017 – MIKROTON DIGITAL MD20.2017 Sound Canvas 2

2017 – [art020] Juanjosé Rivas Tiznar. Audition Records. Ciudad de México.

2012 – Upskirt Audio CD // Ciudad de México.

2011 – Galvanized Corpse Audio CD // SUFLEX México.

2008 – While you sleep Audio CD// MANDORLA NET LABEL. Ciudad de México.

2008 – FPS Video Residual DVD // CONACULTA. Ciudad de México.

2007 – I wanna be your Toy Circuit bending set DVD // CONACULTA Ciudad de México.

2006 – Sound Check N° 1 Audio Mini CD // JRZ Ciudad de México.

2004 – Teoría del escándalo. HANGAR-CONACULTA Barcelona, España.

2004 – Concrete Audio CD// HANGAR-CONACULTA Barcelona, España.

2004 – Burn Again Audio CD // PORO SOUND. Ciudad de México.

2004 – The secret life of Insects Audio Mini CD // PORO SOUND. Ciudad de México.

2004 – Flesh and pink milk (compilación)  Audio CD // PORO SOUND. Ciudad de México.

2004 – Degenerate Electric Audio video CD // PORO SOUND. Ciudad de México.

2004 – Telephone cabin (compilación) Audio CD // PORO SOUND Ciudad de México.

2003 – The insignificance of balance (compilación) Audio CD // PORO SOUND Ciudad de México.


2021 – A hybrid time: deep down its all connected. Article Voices of mexico

2021 – GROAR Album Review Densidad2025

2021 – GROAR Album Review Deposito Sonoro

2021 – GROAR Album Review Point of view

2021 – Self Isolation Interview Magazine Online link: Jeronimomx

2020 – To see the sound. Interview Omaha Magazine

2019 – Physical Circuits Music and Code Days. Center for Experimentation and Production of Contemporary Music. Mexico City.

2019 – Artistic Education and Interdisciplinary Conference IV Congress of Artistic Education for Human Development. León, Mexico City

2019 – Technological disobedience and recycling Digital Culture Center. Mexico City.

2019 – Music and technology. Data, International Digital Art Meeting Xalapa, Veracruz. Mexico.

2018 – Experimental Music (lecture). Experimental Sound Practices. California Institute of the Art Los Angeles, USA.

2018 – Mistakes and improvisation as creative processes. International Congress of Artistic Education: Art and Technology. UABC Tijuana, Mexico.

2018 – Networks and technology in music and sound art FOROArte. UDLA Puebla, Mexico 

2018 – Sound art: Mexico – Spain. Tamayo Museum. Mexico City.

2018 – Culture jamming to the culture surfing. Connecting the dots. Digital Culture Center. Mexico City.

2018 – The copy and transcription, Herder Music Library, Mexico City.

2018 – Diversity and production. XXV International Colloquium, Art and “Disability”: Vasconcelos Library. Mexico City.

2018 – Culture and Electronic Music. SAE Mexico City.

2016 – Venues at CDMX. NODO Practices and ideas for the contemporary music circuit. CCEMX. Mexico City.

2015 – Technology and non-formal education. Motorlab: Digital Citizenship Laboratory CCEMX CMM. Mexico City.

2012 – Culture and Art of Mexico Report:

2012 – FORM Tsonami International Sound Art Festival. Conference. Valparaiso, Chile

2012 – Nameless sound Conference: Sound Improvisation. Houston, Texas. U.S.A.

2012 – Binary. International Festival of Art, Design and New Media Culture ENAP UNAM. Mexico City.

2012 – The need for silence. Conference Cultural Institute Aguascalientes. Aguascalientes, Mexico.

2011 – Electronic experimental music. FMEL. Chicago, Illinois. U.S.A.

2009 – International Tangent Radio Symposium 2009 Universidad Iberoamericana Conference. Mexico City. 

2008 – Sound Art and Technology. Essay, Magazine: Science and Development, CONACYT.

2008 – Replicants. Essay, Book: Transmutative Experimental Body CMM, CENART


2021 – SONIC SWAP: Volta: Sessions of improvisation and sound experimentation. Mexico City / Texas 2021

2020 – Artistic Director Volta: Sessions of improvisation and sound experimentation. Mexico City 2011-2020

2016 – Artistic Director 1st International Encounter of Sound Art and Experimental Music Tlaxcala, Mexico

2013 – Planning and Evaluation Council. Transitio_mx. Mexico City.

2011 – Dorkbot Mexico City. People doing weird things with electricity.  Mexico City.

2009 – Selection Committee of the third contest of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_mx


2020 – Workshop for children. Build your home synthesizer. UNAM Lake House Online

2019 – Workshop ¨La creativity as an act delictivo¨ IV Congress of artistic education for human development. Leon Gto. Mexico

2018 – Tutor of Young Creators FONCA CONACULTA Multimedia 2018

2018 – Peripheral explorations artistic tutorials. Gimnasio de arte Ciudad de México 2018 – Educational program mobile fields, Seminar of technological speculation Gimnasio   de arte y Cultura

2017 – Academic Tutor SOMA Mexico City

2017 – Academic advisor GIMNASIO DE ARTE Mexico City.

2017 – Professor of Animation and Digital Video 2007-2017Universidad Centro, Cine Diseño y Televisión. Mexico City.

2017 – Technology and new media workshop Motorlab Ciudadanía Digital 2013-2017 CCEMX.

2017 – Sound Recycling Workshop Wings and Roots, CONACULTA, 2010-2017. Mexico City.

2014 – Professor of Drawing Ideas and Actions, Universidad UNARTE, Puebla. Mexico.


– Master degree in Design Studies at Centro. Cine, Diseño y televisión in México City.

– Degree in Multimedia. Design School EDINBA Mexico City.

– Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, ENPEG La Esmeralda, INBA. Mexico City.

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