A: Abduccion

A: Abduccion / Plexus series*

A: Abducción

Espacio Sonoro de Casa del Lago, septiembre 2016

Action: This is a piece of spatialization executed by eight performers, all of them provided with a sort of modified drums, produced and suspended in the venue. The sound coming from these instruments is mixed live with electromagnetic frequencies previously obtained at the place.

* Plexus Is a series of sound actions based on different body movements which try to generate a symbolic dialogue between physical concepts throughout sound improvisation such as: error, randomness and the stochastic in order to describe some kind of body phenomena.

These natural actions comprising the series are determined by randomly choosing an alphabet letter, and then limiting and defining every composition by an infinitive verb beginning with the letter previously selected.

The aesthetic elements, the technique and the technological tools used to represent the sounds are confined by the physical conditions of the previously selected verb, as well as by the physical limitations and logistical constraints of the venue where the composition is performed.

Throughout improvisation, The Plexus Series establishes a possible flexible, whippy and moldable structure that provides characteristics such as potential advance, organizational capacity, rapidity, efficiency of action, and imminence.