M: Mascullar

M: Mascullar Serie Plexus*

Museo Ex-Teresa, Ciudad de México

Mascullar (Mumble) : The action to speak between teeth or to pronounce the words badly to say something dimly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.

Electro-acoustic improvisation assembly.
Strings, horse jaws, brackets, motors, dental supports and electronics.

Mumbling : Talking between teeth, babbling, whispering, mispronouncing words, making bones, teeth and molars crunch or chatter until a deep and loud chattering is produced, stuttering phrases, constructing illegible statements and producing dark, deep and abysmal atmospheres that only when we grit our teeth are we able to hear and contain.


Juanjosé Rivas
Viviana Zuñiga Rojas
Arturo Guillen
Teresa Arias
Maricarmen Martínez
Moises Gallegos