Self-isolation Flexi-disc

Self-Isolation soundscapes

Postcard Flexi Disc 03:00 min.
Limited edition.
Juanjosé Rivas

Self-Isolation soundscapes it´s a series of field recordings and sound improvisations with electronic media made from the window of my studio located in Mexico’s City downtown, during the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This project captures not only the visual and sound landscape of a given moment, but also a way of dwelling through time. As a journey log, these soundscapes and audiovisual recordings represent the feelings and perceptions of an explicit period of time filtered through a series of personal, intimate reflections that reveal a dynamic and sensitive relationship with the environment.

The project was born and lives in the digital space, as a series in my Instagram account: @jrivasmx IGTV. However, in a desperate attempt to question the interactions within social media, it looks for the direct, raw interaction between a physical object and the intimate, paused listening to a needle furrowing a vinyl surface -with all the possible errors and lisps- aiming to embrace and share an instant that remind us that in nature everything is connected.

Postcards available on Bandcamp