GROAR // Record/Vinyl + Digital Album.

GROAR // Record/Vinyl + Digital Album.

To the ladies, speak Italian;
To the gentlemen, French;
To the birds, English;
To the dogs, German;
And Spanish should be spoken only to God!¨

*The Art of Language: A documentary history of broadcasting 1920 -1950


The art of language could be a pleonism or an aforism that tries to hide and beautify the powerful artifice of language. Tongue, speech, and dialect tend to be seen as inferior: the mother tongue, a babbling; native speak; indigenous dialects. They all come before the combat, before the conquest, before a clash with power.


In war, and in any civilizing process, our tongue is the first victim. The power steals it away in such a manner that our tongue ceases to be offensive, lewd, wild, and adjusts to its domination. // :*

The triumph of war is the death of our tongue, cutting it into segments, reducing it to anagrams, icons and ashes. // :s

Something exists in language which is impossible to erase: its silence, its spaces, whispers, rhythm; its poetics.

Poetics that resound and come up through the body, in gestures, in a glance, in a stride, in an experience. // <3

To fill language with a body is to permeate it with experience.


This album was created through the appropriation, remixing, and sampling of the album: Languages as Art: Documentary History of Broadcasting: 1920-1950, which contains a series of dialogues and discourses that present to us a glimpse of the tormentor’s vision, of the crushing power of hegemonic discourse.

This album does not correspond to any musical work, not even in its most experimental sense. It’s made with knuckles, with legs, with fingers, savagely, clumsy, foolhardy, furious and with the only point being to destroy, to grope and play with language.

Recorded and produced during the sound art and experimental music program at BEMIS
Recording, Mixing and art design: Juanjosé Rivas
produced by: BEMIS and Juanjosé Rivas
Special thanks to Chris Cook, Rachel Adams, Allegra Hangen and the wonderful BEMIS team.
Recording at BEMIS recording studios. Omaha, Ne. April 2020.

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