Akouphene Festival : Chinto Rabia

Cave12 – GENEVE (Live Stream Concert)

Sound action/performance that consists of the intervention and destruction of a sculptural object to produce a piece of sound art which goes through different textures and emotions letting us see and hear at times how a celebration can have different nuances.

Chinto Rabia is an imaginary savage who is no longer fierce or playful but just a possessed in ceremonies without language, without codes or structures and who transmits the formlessness because he expresses an aptitude for enduring the sublime irrationality of the world around us, sacrificing language.Becoming incomprehensible and revealing a condition at the same time primeval and twilight allowing us to see thus, that sacrifice and self-isolation are not necessarily the failure or the end of a civilization but a possibility to observe again with a more attentive look those things that are essential to us…

Custom designer: Daniela Diaz
Wareable Tech and production assistant: Sofia Main
Production assistant: Mariel Morales
Camera 1: Mauricio Novelo
Camera 2: Rodrigo

Chinto Rabia: Piñata Sculpture
Chinto Rabia: Piñata Sculpture