H: Heredar

H: Heredar Serie Plexus*

No idea festival, Austin, Texas. USA.

Action: To drag a handtruck (diablito) equipped with a portable sound and light system (turned on), from the main entrance of the location (parking lot) to the central hall of the gallery (bay door), where, upon the wall (from the Diablito to the wall), one phrase are proyected.

Heredar (to inHerit) is a piece whose purpose is to reflect upon the action of inheriting as a manner to construct and self-construct identity both individually and culturally.

Inheriting supposes a way of transmitting goods of varied sorts, whether they be economic, physical, biological and / or cultural. The way we build ourselves as people bears an intrinsic genetic load or heritage, as well as a number of behaviors and abilities, which are transmitted to each of us through generations.

In migratory processes, migrants carry along a whole series of inherited habits and customs. Upon the arrival of these migrants to their given destinations, these customs are transformed by and merged with local traditions and customs, generating cultural hybrids, new gastronomies and flavors, new approaches and techniques, new ways to structure the world.

The way to value and appreciate sound and the decisions made to organize them, distribute them and select their propagation, are determined by genetic, social and cultural traits, which nurture the expressiveness sonic language of every artist.

The way to value and appreciate sound and the decisions made to organize, distribute and propagate sound are determined by genetic, social and cultural traits. These traits enrich the expressiveness of each artist’s sonic language.

There are those who make music because of their inheritance and those who learn how to make it out of necessity, by their own means.

I’m a Sonidero by heritage; I stack things because of my culture; I make noise because it’s my nature.