N: Nadar

N: Nadar Serie Plexus*

Centro Multimedia, CNA. Video 360 projection

N: Nadar. Swimming is an immersive audiovisual experience, a journey through the depths and surfaces of meaning (data), as a model of learning under construction. This piece offers us a torpid journey, full of obstacles and incomprehensible events that try to build a language that shows us that understanding and knowledge is not just a matter of diving to the bottom of things, but of tracing scattered trajectories on the surface.

Generated from a swimming exercise, in which a series of data were processed for visualization and sound, as well as the process of editing 360º video and the spatialization of sound in a quadraphonic system, N: Nadar is part of a series of sound actions based on multiple body movements that seek to establish a dialogue at a symbolic level with different physical concepts through improvisation, error, chance and instability, to describe some contemporary phenomena.

Production and photography: Viviana Zúñiga Rojas
Performance: Raquel Salgado
Wardrobe: ¨Transestetica¨Daniela Díaz
Data visualization: PiranhaLab Marianne Teixido, Emilio Ocelotl
Acknowledgements: Emilio Gordoa Salazar, Rodrigo Ambriz