I: Inhalar

I: Inhalar Serie Plexus*

Sinestesia Olfativa Museo del Perfume.

Erotic trance or ritual of seduction starting from the process of inhaling, a state of collective suggestion induced from a continuum of movement, in rhythm, gradually transforming itself into different qualities, from the subtle to the frenetic, from the hidden to the revealed, from the formless to the hyperform.

Six heterogeneous bodies with different approaches to dance, to movement and to gender performance, converge from eroticism – emanation of life – to assert themselves in this affirmation of existence. Dancehall and butoh, two ways of investigating the liberation of the body, of subversive movement, of manifesting a sexual, erotic, vital body.


Juanjosé Rivas Concept and sound
Aura Arreola Choreographer and performer
Eugenia Vargas Choreographic Advisor
Jessica Ooz Performer and dancehall consultant
Malu Macareno Performer
Deny Ramos Performer
Homer Fernandez Performer
Elizabeth Arosemena Performer
Sofia Main Design and production of masks

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