Nada Suena Mal is a duet of sound improvisation with digital tools, analogue electronics, amplified acoustic instruments, modified turntables, DIY control interfaces, field recordings, concrete music and an endless number of resources that seek to explore the diverse forms of configuration and production of sonic events.

NSM creates sound universes that move between the frontiers of noise and improvised music with the sole purpose of offering you a journey full of perfect accidents, labyrinthine landscapes, dark passages, full of explosive encounters, luminous sounds, sound collage and electronic pointillism that will question all limits and absolutist concepts of what we consider music.

Chloë Sobek Composer-performer based in Naarm, Australia. Her work is currently concerned with investigating more-than-human scholarship within a sonic practice, leading to a diverse enquiry of sonic and musical forms, from acoustemology through to noise music. She has been described as ‘an artist that is thinking deeply about how to aestheticize what’s on everyone’s mind; to use art to drive engagement with ideas whilst pushing the boundaries of technique and technicality’ – Kieran Ruffles, 4zzz.

Chloë’s practice is built around the Renaissance precursor to the double bass, the violone. Her creative process couples maximalist and musique concrète sensibilities such as audio-montage and electronic processing, with a handling of sound as a senate object, unlinked and undefined by its source.

Juanjosé Rivas Transmedia artist, his work is characterized by exploring the boundaries between sound, art and technology with a strong passion for experimentation. Throughout his career Rivas has used a variety of media, including drawing, photography, video, installation, photography, video and performance.

His creations often involve the use of analogue and digital technologies, allowing him to expand the        expressive possibilities of sound without separating himself from improvisation as a resource to elaborate a discourse through translation, error and interference within different artistic languages.

He has been a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte SNCA/FONCA (2017-2020), Artist in Residence in the Sound Art and Experimental Music Program at BEMIS Contemporary Art Center (2020), at MATADERO in Madrid (2015), at HANGAR Centro de Creación Artística in Barcelona (2011) and SBK in         Karlsruhe Germany. He currently directs VOLTA Sound Art and Experimental Music Sessions in Mexico City and is a member of the advisory committee of the Sound Art + Experimental Music Program at BEMIS in Omaha, Nebraska.

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